Duck Tales


Genre: Platform

Developer: Capcom

Total time played: 30 minutes

Short review:  Although it is fairly short and easy to beat it has incredible replay value.  This is a game I completed countless times as a kid and continue to revisit every few months.  The soundtrack is one of the best on the NES.  This is a game that anyone who grew up watching Duck Tales cartoons or playing NES should play.

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After beating Castlevania I was ready to add another game to my completed games list.  Duck Tales is one of the few games that both my wife and I have beaten countless times and I knew it was as something we could play and enjoy together.  Since we were both very familiar with the game it didn’t take long for us to plow through each level.  It probably would have taken quite a bit more elbow grease if we didn’t know where the secret items were and if we hadn’t memorized the maze in Transylvania when we were kids.

After beating the game we explored youtube and found videos of people playing the moon theme on guitar as it is one of the coolest video game songs ever.  In fact, I am ashamed (not ashamed) that we have listened to the soundtrack to this game in the car and while cleaning the house.  In fact, sometimes I will put it on while my wife is cooking and she will break out into her signature Duck Tales dance with a huge smile on her face.

Update: 12/28/2015

I decided to test out my new setup that allows me to live capture games as I play them.  It had been a while since I have played Duck Tales so took me 10-15 tries before I finally beat it.

The gameplay is almost flawless with the exception of some slow down if too many enemies get on screen at once.  The controls are so tight that you can’t blame anyone but yourself if you fall into a hole.  What makes Duck Tales so great is that even though there are only 5 stages (Transylvania you visit 3 times though) there is so much to do.  Each stage has secrets and multiple paths to reach the end.

The game doesn’t have a traditional points system, it has replaced the points system with money.  I don’t know why adding a dollar sign to the score gives me the incentive to collect as much money as I can thought the game.  The African Mines and The Moon level both feature a hidden treasure worth $1,000,000.  You get no bonus for collecting these items but I always do because it is such a huge increase to my score (money) in the game.

You can’t mention Duck Tales without talking about the music.  Every stage has classic music with The Moon stage featuring the most memorable.  The Moon theme is on almost everyones top 5 NES tracks.  Such a great song.


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