Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest


Genre: Adventure

Developer: Konami

Total time played: 2 weeks, approximately 10-12 hours

Short review:  This sequel took the tried and true platforming aspects of the original and added in some RPG elements.  Unfortunately the new direction of the game could not live up to the original and some of the puzzles would have been impossible to figure out with some help from Nintendo Power or the internet.  Worth playing if you enjoyed the original but don’t go out of your way to play it.

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This is a game I bought from my cousin Chris at a yard sale in the early 1990’s (along with Phantasy Star III on Sega Genesis).  I never really got into the game at the time but both my mom and my brother beat the game repeatedly and I watched.

Playing as an adult was an interesting experience.  The game itself is not hard at all.  The enemies are easy and you can build up experience and buy better weapons pretty quickly as the RPG elements of the game are pretty primitive compared to later RPG games.  The castles and the bosses aren’t difficult either.  In fact, as far as gameplay goes this game was a breeze compared to the original, the final boss is one of the easiest bosses in video game history if you use the right weapon and the final castle has no enemies to defeat.

The game makes up for its easy gameplay by making the game near impossible to navigate.  There were several times I had to use the internet to find out where to go.  I don’t know how I could have ever known to duck for 3 seconds facing a wall while holding the red crystal to make a tornado appear and take me to the next area.

After several hours of wandering and a few internet searches later I beat the game.  Annabel wanted to be in the picture and help me celebrate my victory.



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